Authors can still register for the Coffin Hop through October 23, 2011. Click here to find out how!

For writers

The Coffin Hop is an excellent way to promote your work, to gain traffic to your website or blog, and also to meet more horror/spooky fiction authors and network a bit. The Coffin Hop site will be the "base site" and from there visitors can "hop" from website or blog to visit the various authors' sites who are participating during the week of October 24-31, 2011. During that week the participating authors should have either a blog post or something on their blog or website that's in the Halloween spirit and that somehow promotes their work, along with a contest for visitors (win halloween treats, digital copies of your books, name acharacter after them, previews of an upcoming project, an autographed copy of one of your books, perhaps? All up to you, Hoppers!). The only set requirement for your blog entry is that you include the "gory details" listed to the left, as well as a link back to the "base site" ( Your Coffin Hop-specific blog or website does not need to be ready until 10/24/2011, when the hop starts, but you're encouraged to register now. Registration for the Coffin Hop will close at the end of the day 10/23/2011. Starting the 15th of October we'd also encourage all involved authors to begin to heavily promote the Coffin Hop in whatever ways possible - Facebook it, tweet the bejeezus out of it, put it on your front page and dare everyone you know to hit all of the sites on the list. Remember - the more traffic any one of us gets, the more traffic we're all likely to get. That is why it is so very important to prominently display the link to this site, where we host the link list. Also feel free to use any of the web badges we've created, or come up with your own! Just be sure to include the tag to lead people to the almighty list. Now go forth and hop those coffins!